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The GodKings of Enkhata Return

September 25, 2013

Global Enkhata – the civilization prior to, yet grand enough to be later aped by both the Egyptians and Mayans, had a spectacular grasp on entheogenic pharmacological technologies, especially hallucinogens. Their insights cured disease and stopped the onset of death for the select few who were made into gods.

Thanks to highly regimented training and the effects of their potent distillations, these deity-regents were capable of wielding a powerful telekinesis.  Mountains were moved in the blink of an eye. Nations were commanded with a single gesture. Each man, woman and child working to the strain of their full potential, worried like to robots. This was the origin of the word, robota, and these slave armies were the technocrats’ hands that shaped the earth, itself carved from one area by as equal an obsequy. The technocrats’ will was the whole of the law.

Eventually, strong and clear visions came to the oracular priestesses: the world here does not survive the future, and the next ones so far afield. So very far.

The technocrats seized the moment, developing a simple space program and time travel experiment in the process. The psychedelic godkings would be rendered to pure, vibrational energy by ministration of the compounds obtained from manifold botanical essences, and this energy-being would explore the galaxies for a suitable earth-place to which to move, cultivate and reign over in turn humankind and all the rest of the Earth’s great treasures.


But when they return nearly thirty thousands of years later, not only do they find humanity enslaved to a far inferior magic; the ancient astronauts have only to report that rather than find the new garden they had sought, instead they have come face to face with an equally advanced race of beings on the planets surrounding Sirius – from whence the progenitor elements of life on Earth originate, carried on intergalaxy-bound asteroids. Like burrs in a woodland animal’s coat, the diaspora of life rode almost on piggyback, exploiting the currents of the still-new universe.

Unfortunately for some of its branches such as the earthlings’, some stars have longer to burn while some are destined to sputter out in shorter order; some planets are better engineered systems while others have faults and tempestuous cores and electro-dynamos all adding to instability; some life evolves a positive consciousness while other branches result in ego-centric selfish beings. It’s all just a lottery, really.

The beings in the Sirius system, they see the incursion of energy being, explorer-pharaohs – and the sun system from whence they come – a curiosity.

The energy beings, returning to the stone of seas and mud and rainstorms, they have their curiosity as well – the beings on Earth.

The beings on Earth, they have gotten away from really seeing. They are not equipped to recognize the similarities between their returned ancient ancestors who would bring them news of extra-terrestrial intelligences; the self-same extra-terrestrial entities now investigating this neck of the galaxy; and the human being’s own potential as a galactic species. They have gotten … self-regarding and weak.

The beings on Earth, they put machines to work for them now, employ groveling, gurgling Rube Goldberg assemblies all jacked in to the wall or the ginny, all slurping away at some guttering chunk of ofal, itself gouged from the earth, comprised after all of lots of trapped sugar from the sunshine. Back when sunshine was new and fashionable. The slick compost of their dead biological ancestors: akinetons, palm cycads, pulse-less reptiles, pollen, feathers, pond scum, corals, trilobites and sickness itself.

Back in the way back when, the godkings took their sugar far more rare. Put their commands to the people direct. Humanity reduced to a tiny, squalid trickle quartered by the technocrats’ will.

The pharaohic magicians put their command direct to the earth, too. Never mind thin rivulets of this metal, tiny beads of that compound. Back in the way back when, a godking’s dwellings would be made of great unsophisticated, elemental blocks bade by equally monolithic desires; but aren’t the current lot of beings on Earth as equally unimaginative? Never mind the delicate lattice of contrivances what this inferior modern magic engenders; the ends are identical. A crushing, indelicate, deliberate hand, one finger pointing the way through the folly of existence… for no one in particular, but no matter.

But just think! – might be that the godkings perhaps come to recognize that they had been, after all, piloting the ship of state from within a material situation inherited most recently from mammals. What works for that lot is populating aggressively. A survival strategy does not offer a requisite level of success for the human being; perhaps realizing that in fact it was this very predilection of our forebears to overbreed that caused them to use great power to propel the human spirit forward into space … while also bowing to the consequences of a deep-seated, over-riding and ultimately no longer biologically necessary need of the meat. Not of the will.

But perhaps the old pharaohs will appreciate that they at least had been adventurous and creative enough to try and deal with the situation; to turn to the unknown and surveil it. Bring it into the eye’s gaze and transfigure reality, incorporate their designs, the idea, the word. To speak it. Those who do
this are necessarily Gods by definition. When they also wield a high magic based not on ornate methods of cheating the natural order, which is a priori misunderstood; based instead on the power of coincidental possibility within a natural chaos, which can be understood a priori; well, maybe then the whole of the law shall be Do as Thou wilt.

The two worlds have everything to teach each other… and the third, too.

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